BISCUE Business DVD is ...

BISCUE Business DVD has 2 advantages.

  • DVDs cover various business subjects such as newcomer training, accounting, compliance, security, CS, sales, marketing and ISO9000, among others, which leads business skill content in Japan.
  • We provide them at an affordable price of 10,290 yen/unit (incl. tax) by direct marketing to the customers.

Presently, our DVDs are widely used by companies, government, local governments, public institutions, universities, and educational institutions, among others in Japan.

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Business DVDs are useful.

By using DVDs, you can access any part of the content immediately, thus minimizing time for seach or wait.

DVDs can be used by DVD players at classroom training, and also viewed by using various devices which include PCs with DVD drives and PS2.

If you prefer using them on the internal network, we provide network licence. Please see Server License Plan for more details.

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Best practices of BISCUE Business DVDs

Some of the practices of Business DVDs are as follows.

  • At the group discussion training, DVDs are used as a base for discussion.
  • In-house experts conduct training based on the DVDs with their lectures.
  • Make your staff learn who couldn't attend the classroom training.
  • DVDs are used for supporting self-learning of the employees.

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Steps to order and Price


  • 10,290 yen/unit (incl. tax)
    (*) Domestic shipping charges are free. For orders from overseas countries, the shipping charges will be added separately.

Steps to order

You can order in each page of categories and titles.

  • In each page, please select the title(s), fill in the q'ty and click \"Add to Cart\" to proceed.
  • When you finish selecting all content, click \"Cart.\"
  • After confirming the details of content, click \"Go to Checkout\" and follow the instructions to submit order.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

For inquiry about BISCUE Business DVD

After hearing about your present status and requirements in business, we will submit a proposal which includes how you can make best of our tools and services.

No consulting fee will be charged until we contract. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Contact us by using this form.
  • We will return to you via e-mail or phone and ask about your training requirements.
  • Based on above, we will submit a proposal for your consideration.

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